Educational Level



GCDF Educational and Experience Requirements Chart

Graduate Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Associates' Degree

High School Diploma/Equivalency


How Do I Obtain Credentialing?

Upon successful completion of this training, you are eligible to purse two credentials…

The Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF™) credential recognizes the education and experience of those working in career development occupations. Completion of this training program is required before applying. In addition, the candidate must meet specific educational and experience requirements relative to the highest completed degree (see chart below). For more information on the GCDF credential, please visit

It is now one year since its creation! The Certified Career Services Provider™ (CCSP) recognizes demonstrated career facilitation skills. Issued by the NCDA Credentialing Commission, this multi-purpose credential is appropriate to all levels and all settings. Completion of this training program is required before applying. Specific levels of educational attainment and work experience are not required. For more information on the CCSP credential, please visit NCDA website:

The Facilitating Career Development Training Course

is an intense high impact course designed to provide you with the needed tools in the areas of career facilitation and guidance. Facilitating Career Development training can enhance the skills and knowledge of individuals who work in any type of career development setting. This 120 hour program is built upon the 12 industry competency areas. This training course is intended for anyone providing career services in employment and workforce development, one stops, career centers, secondary and post-secondary education, career advisors, veteran career development, government, career coaching, human resources, or other professionals that desire career development training. 

What is a CDF / CSP?

A Career Development Facilitator (CDF) and/or a Career Services Provider (CSP) is a person who has completed the Facilitating Career Development Training Program and works in any career development setting - secondary education, post-secondary education, employment and training centers including the military, career one-stops/centers, community programs and the private sector.. 

Career Facilitators

and Providers

may be employed as ...

Career Group Facilitators
Job Search Trainers
Job Developer
Case Managers/Career Specialists
Career Resource Center Staff
Career Coaches
Career Development Case Managers
Guidance Counselors
Intake Interviewers
Occupational & Labor Market Information
Resource Staff
Human Resource Staff
Employment/Placement Specialists
Workforce Development Staff
Military Staff

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Recent Graduate Ratings...

The training is great as is. I enjoyed the virtual face to face courses, and I like the various options one can select as it relates to the duration of the training. I have benefited from online education, so I appreciate the virtual classes. - Director of Career Services, South Arkansas Community College

This training is exceptional and very informative.  Overall, outstanding training and topics!  - Program Manager (Workforce Development and Strategy), Department of the Navy

I would rate this training with an A+. My instructor provided excellent customer service throughout my whole experience.. - Computer Lab Teacher/Web Master, Hampton Elementary