Harrison & Associates East LLC has been qualified by the Center for Credentialing and Education, Inc. (CCE) as a Registered Credential Training Provider, RCTP No. RCTP1003-GCDF, to provide the FCD training course qualified for credit for eligibility for the Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) credential. 

​Home of the Fast Track CDF Course

  1. Define and describe the 12 career core competencies.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge and ability to teach the content of each chapter of the NCDA FCD curriculum.
  3. Demonstrate training competence by covering a chapter of the NCDA FCD curriculum in a timed presentation.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of how to develop and deliver the training via eLearning.  Have knowledge of and ability to set up a course management system of their choice.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge and ability to teach the helping skills component of the curriculum both face-to-face and online.
  6. Describe and demonstrate appropriate scope of practice as it relates to assessment, both formal and informal.
  7. Be able to define and apply knowledge about the ethics and scope of practice of individuals trained.
  8. Evaluate students' mastery of all competencies.
  9. Describe ways in which NCDA FCD curriculum can be customized and expanded by an instructor to meet the identified and specific needs of the audience.
  10. Develop a plan to promote and deliver an NCDA FCD course.
  11. Articulate the process by which to join and continue to be listed on the NCDA Instructor Program Registry.
  12. Describe the processes to obtain credentialing for NCDA and CCE’s credentials.         
  13. Describe current requirements for becoming a GCDF Instructor (through CCE).
  14. ​Demonstrate an understanding of how to start a business for delivering FCD Courses.
  15. ​Demonstrate knowledge and ability to create a career services program.

Instructor Training Learning Objectives